Travel in(to) Ukraine

Planning your trip around Eastern Europe and a bit lost on how to move in/out of Ukraine ? Don’t know how to get tickets inside Ukraine ?

Trains inside Ukraine: (You can book online with your credit card)

– How to read a train ticket in Ukraine ?

Train Ticket in Ukraine

. Keep in mind that if you buy online, you should exchange it at the train station at least 10-15 minutes to the train departure. There is an special window for so, identified as “Internet Kasa”
. Also recently you have the name indicated in the ticket, so you should present your document to the wagon chief. If you buy to someone else, remember to insert the right details on it. When buying more than one ticket, will be printed one ticket per person, each of them with the respective names.

– From Poland to Ukraine

. Direct train Krakow – Kiev or Warsaw – Kiev
. Cheap Flights using Wizzair ( also Germany, Poland, Spain, Turkey, U.K., Hungary, Georgia and Italy
. Train from Krakow to border (Przemysl), bus to Medyka border control, walk 10 minutes, bus to Lviv and train to Kiev

– From Romania/Moldova to Ukraine

. This can be made in different ways and depends on the week day you will have different schedules, so better ask people in RO to check for you the schedules.
. Direct train Bucharest – Kiev (very long ride)
. Bucharest – Chisinau (Moldova) by bus + bus to Odessa (Ukraine) + train to Kiev (you can visit Moldova, Odessa and will be relatively cheap)
* The Transnistria self proclaimed country has Tiraspol as it’s capital. Many embassies and people wouldn’t recommend you going there. It’s up to you, probably you will be paying some “fee” to enter and there is a hostel over there. Can be interesting, some hassle but as long as we have the hostel we never heard about serious problems over there.
. Transylvania (from Brasov, Sibiu or Shighsoara) you should reach Targu Mures and head to Suceava (the painted monasteries city), from there it’s easy to find private cars to Chernivitsi, southwest of Ukraine. Nice city and you can visit Kamenets-Podilsky, with it’s castles. There are 2 trains a day to Kiev from there.

– From Hungary to Ukraine

. You can take direct train to Kiev, around 16 hours and costs a good money.
. Another way it’s to brake the trip before the border and taking a bus to Chop, Ukrainian city where you can take train to Kiev.
. Wizzair offers good deals, just take a look on their website and you can get really good deals.

– From Belarus or Russia

. Plenty of trains connecting Minsk or Moscow to Kiev. If you are in St. Petersburg and got a ticket to Kiev, pay attention on that, because this train will cross Belarus and you will need a transit visa at least.

– From Georgia to Ukraine

. You can take a ferry boat connecting Batumi or Poti with Odessa. There are flights from as well. Ferries:

In case you want to come to our place and need help connecting from any of those countries and can’t find a proper information, get in touch and we help you out.