Chernobyl Tour

In april 1986, one mistake made thousands of people evacuate and never been able to come back anymore because of the radiation still there.

Chernobyl still a drama after more than 25 years, claiming a big controlled area, with monitored nuclear reactors and the “ghost city” of Pripyat.

You can visit this exclusive area, guided in english thru the city, reactor area and military complex that nowadays takes care of the Chernobyl area.

Who organizes it !? Tour to Chernobyl.

One full day tour that, starting at 08:15AM, driving you from Kiev to the exclusion zone, walking around Pripyat (the ghost town), getting close to the Reactor Nr. 4 and back to Kiev around 18:00.

All bookings must be made in advance and we are the cheapest in town:

More than 11 working days in advance: 120USD
Less than 11 working days in advance:- 135USD

* Prices per person
FULL PRICES, NO EXTRA CHARGES. The cheapest tour in town.

What the price includes ?

– Transportation Kiev – Chernobyl – Kiev (1 hour each way)- English speaking guide
– Lunch (very good Ukrainian food)
– Permits to enter the zone and Pripyat

Get in touch ( for more details if you are interested. We can organize deals with accommodation included !


You will meet the tour group at 08:15AM, with your passport, wearing covered shoes and long pants (short sleeves shirt are allowed) and remember to charge your camera battery !

The bus takes about 1 hour to reach the zone, while you will be watching a video about the accident. Arriving at the zone and after presenting your documents, you will get some explanations from an official and meet the person that will guide you thru Pripyat.

The guide will take you close to the Reactor Nr.4, where a specialist will tell you how the reactor exploded and thru a model, which conditions they expect to have there and the next plans to maintain the area in better conditions.

After that you will visit and walk around specific areas around the reactors and Pripyat. Some of the areas are possible to visit depending on group size, weather conditions and local administration allowances.

If you want to spend more time or see deeply the area you can try also:

– 2 days Chernobyl tour – 330USD (Includes accommodation in the zone, guides and 3 meals)
– Private Tours – Ask us, but prices starts from 450USD / person for 1 day tour.

You can do up to 3 days tours in Chernobyl !